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HRC Impact

Part of the mission of the Human Resources Foundation is to provide long-term financial support to the programs and services of the Human Resources Center, a nonprofit organization in operation since 1973. HRC provides individualized support services to individuals with disabilities across seven counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In providing financial support to the Human Resources Foundation, HRF looks for opportunities to improve upon existing programs and services of HRC. We explore gaps in programming, services, or funding as well as try to implement new opportunities by partnering with local organizations, agencies, and businesses within the community.

Our goal is to enhance daily living and quality of life for those supported by HRC. We strive to incorporate the mental, emotional and physical well-being of individuals whether it’s through social, recreational, educational, or professional avenues.

Examples of Ongoing Program/Service Support:

  • American Sign Language Training

  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Social Club

  • HRC Day Program Curriculum Development

  • Offset costs for Lifesharing families to begin the process of licensure

  • Client Support Services - common services that may not be covered by a waiver for an individual, in which HRF will provide direct support for an individual in need. 

One Time Gift

Monthly/ Yearly Gift

Jenkins Legacy Society

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