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In addition to providing financial support to the programs and services of the Human Resources Center, the Human Resources Foundation offers grants to those in our area who are working towards building a more inclusive and supportive region for all.

The Foundation provides financial support to initiatives, opportunities, and needs that focus on community integration, workplace mentorship, continued educational opportunities, home modifications, supportive living arrangements, and social/educational groups that support individuals with intellectual, developmental, and/or physical disabilities.

The initiative, program, service or special project you are requesting funds for must take place in one of the six counties and currently does or will provide proven support towards at least one of the areas of interest within our grant criteria. 

If the service, program, or initiative is existing, tell us about its success. If it's a new endeavor, tell us about its projected impact towards the empowerment of individuals in our community with disabilities.

Please review our Grant Guidelines and Criteria before submitting your grant application:

For more detailed information about our grant criteria and areas of interest, please refer to our Extended Resource Document below:

Grant Application


For annual scholarship offerings, please visit our Scholarships page.

Grant Application

The Human Resources Foundation is a publicly supported charity dedicated to enhancing and empowering the lives of individuals with disabilities throughout six counties in Northeast Pennsylvania - promoting inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, equity, and opportunity for all in our region. Grants are awarded to new and existing programs and services as well as special projects that serve and support the above goal.
Please review our Grant Guidelines on our Grants page before completing and submitting your application. All fields are required for consideration. Grant applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed quarterly by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. 


A Brief Description of Your Organization:

A Brief Overview of the Program, Service or Project:

Demonstrate How Program, Service or Project Meets at Least One Area of Interest (See Grant Guidelines for Areas of Interest):

Provide anticipated impact of Program, Service or Project on the population to be served. If this is an existing program or service, include proven success from previous years:

Other sources of funding for your program, service, or project (if any):

Please include a proposed total budget for the project including income and expenses:

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