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Who We Are

“I wouldn’t change you for the world, but I would change the world for you.”

Guided by a mother's wish for her son, a passionate and committed group of philanthropists founded the Human Resources Center Foundation in 2015.

Jeanne Schreiber’s youngest child was born with Down Syndrome in a time when the recommended course of action was institutionalization. His mother would hear nothing of the sort. Her son would be raised at home with their family as he should be. As he aged into adulthood, she and her husband George sought placement for their son in what is known as a community living arrangement through the Human Resources Center. Her rationale was that children grow up and leave and therefore so should he.

From his birth to her death, Jeanne was a fierce advocate, not only for her son but for the intellectual disability community at large, becoming a pioneer for disability rights throughout Wayne County. She was a member of The ARC and ultimately would serve as its Board President, remaining active in their efforts until her passing.

As she aged, she often spoke of forming a Foundation that would become a safety net for individuals with special needs and their families. Indeed, three days before her passing she extracted a promise from the former CEO of the Human Resources Center to form such a Foundation. Through that promise, the Human Resources Foundation was established, ensuring that Jeanne’s wish of securing the future for those she fought so steadfastly for in her life, would become a reality. Jeanne Schreiber was a force during her lifetime and her legacy lives on through the efforts of the Foundation.


President: Brian Wilken 

Vice President: Janine Edwards

Members: Jon Kline, John Martin, Jeffrey Firmstone, Justin Genzlinger, Luke Turano, Tom Dirlam, Darlene Glynn


The Impact We Make For Them Today Shapes Our World In It's Entirety For Tomorrow

The Human Resources Foundation exists because of a mother’s last wish for her son. This selfless woman’s vision is now a personal legacy that provides vital support to individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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