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What We Do

“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more.” – Robert M. Hensel


Support for the Human Resources Center

HRF provides long-term financial support to the Human Resources Center. We look for opportunities to improve upon its existing programs and services while exploring gaps in funding or service/support areas. In doing so, we can begin to implement new opportunities.


We also look to partner with local organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals to develop relationships in order to work collaboratively towards creating a more inclusive community for all.

Everything is about enhancing daily living - whether it’s social, recreational, professional, or even physical through adaptive or assistive equipment.


In the area of support, there are services that may not be covered by a waiver for an individual, in which HRF will provide direct support for an individual in need. Examples can include, extensive staff support during a medical procedure; special excursions; and/or continuing education.


Support for the Community

Public Project Grants

HRF understands that the need to support individuals with disabilities goes beyond the organizational doors of the Human Resources Center and the clients it supports, moving into the communities where they reside. We recognize that there are many local nonprofit organizations in our area doing amazing things, working towards more inclusive and supportive environments and opportunities for all. For that reason, HRF extends its financial support outwardly, offering annual grants that support local initiatives.


For more information about grant criteria, guidelines and how to apply, click below.


Each year, the Human Resources Foundation provides scholarships to eligible high school seniors in Wayne, Monroe and Pike County who are planning to pursue a career in the Human Services field.​

Contact us for more information.

One Time Gift

Monthly/ Yearly Gift

Jenkins Legacy Society

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