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Mission & Vision

To HRF, disability advocacy starts with working together towards furthering disability rights by promoting inclusion, diversity, equity and social change within our community. It's about investing in a societal shift away from the physical, cultural, economic, mobility, attitudinal, and communication barriers, along with the stigmas and stereotypes that hinder or hurt individuals with disabilities in our neighborhoods and region.


1 in 4 adults in the United States have a disability - which includes impairments with vision, hearing, mobility, and cognition. Disability is not abnormal.

Let's change the conversation.

Let's break down the barriers.

Let's put a stop to the stereotypes.

Let's understand the power of our language.

Let's build a more inclusive and equitable society.


 Because we're better together.

Our Mission

The mission of the Human Resources Foundation is to enhance the quality of life and well-being of individuals with disabilities throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. We achieve this by providing financial support to our sister agency, the Human Resources Center, so that we may continually enhance and develop its programs and support services.

In addition, HRF provides annual grants to community members and organizations whose mission aligns with the advancement and support of individuals with disabilities therefore providing greater opportunity and accessibility through their programs, services, or special project initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a community that embraces accessibility and choice, one that champions for inclusive spaces and equal opportunity so that we may encourage and empower all those in our region to live their lives to the fullest potential.

Who Supports the HRF?

If you are someone who aspires for a community that is built on inclusion, equal opportunity, and diversity, then you are someone who supports this Foundation. At HRF, we believe in choice, in individualized support, in self-advocacy, in independence and in living life to our fullest potential. Even if you yourself have not had the privilege to know, love, or care for someone with a disability, our vision is something that all of us should strive towards for our communities. 

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